Running for Beginners

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25 Responses to “Running for Beginners”

  1. drummerboi8

    try to walk at 4 and sprint at 9 and run for 20-30 and walk for 30-50

  2. Krishna Murthy

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  3. jtcber .

    Can high intensity interval training be done without a treadmill because I
    don’t have it. I just jog for 30 seconds and walk for one minute and repeat
    it for 10-20 mins. Do you think that will work in burning fat?

  4. Not2Be0utDone

    what a vag

  5. lairdriver

    @TalesofCCV It depends. Remember that jogging can be hard on the joints.
    Knees and shins and back. Alot of people dont pay attention to where they
    are jogging or what they are jogging with shoe wise. If you can do 30
    minutes of jogging non stop, id say you are well on your way to your goals.
    Throwing in intervals for you might allow you to jog even longer and thus
    burn even more fat. But I cant stress enough – watch what your body is
    telling you.

  6. Cassie Aikey

    everytime im on a treadmill i feel like im going to miss the part i run on
    and trip. oh clumsiness. if i wasnt clumsy i totally would use a treadmill

  7. JOENGUYEN2010

    interval trainign 2-3 times a week for 20 mins is more than enough to burn
    fat and get your metabolism and heart going to burn calories throughout the

  8. nilsevilse

    lol. Moby on a treadmill

  9. indi nana

    My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with Trim
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  10. thoms1986

    @TalesofCCV rather see you do an entirely HIT workout with some mussle
    building excercises

  11. condocity666

    is there an app for that??

  12. atsluva4

    after watching your videos ive decided to try out hiit..i havent worked out
    in months so today i did the worse thing possible and pushed wayyyy too
    hard lol..i did a warm up at 2.2mph for 5 minutes then started the
    intervals i did 2 minutes at 2.6mph and for the run i did 5.6 by the end of
    the third interval i jumped off the treadmill and thought i was gonna
    die..what do you suggest i use for speeds and interval times?

  13. firedragonist

    @kh123 it would work but you should do it in the morning not at night. HIIT
    raises your metabolism throughout the day which is really why you burn fat.
    When you sleep your metabolism drops for safety reasons which means when
    you do your workout at night it loses effect. Try doing a run/sprint at 8
    for 30 seconds and a light jog mayb at 3-4 for 1 min for 15 mins IN THE

  14. smileyfangula

    I’ve been told that HIIT is great for fat loss. I usually jog 2 miles a day
    4 times a week just for cardio, but I’m thinking I’ll try this interval
    stuff. 2 miles takes me 20 minutes. Should I do interval training for 20
    minutes as well, or should I do more time for it to be effective?

  15. TalesofCCV

    Is this more beneficial than doing lets say a 30min jog non stop? Because
    in the end my goal is burning fat. And in about…26 min of jogging I’d
    burn around 200 calories. If I were to do this in intervals, it would be
    longer, but would it be more worth it?

  16. drexelur1


  17. Barry Cross

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  18. thoms1986

    @TalesofCCV definitely, this will burn way more than running. You will lose
    some fat and gain muscle weight

  19. TheGoldWatch

    I think he’s kind of saucy.

  20. Stacy Levine

    this is the same as the couch to 5k program

  21. Ve K

    i just started interval training about 2 weeks ago and i really like it. i
    normally do 3 miles a day 6 days a week and one of the mile i would do
    intervals of walking, jogging, running, sprinting each in one minute
    intervals. a mile usually takes me an average of 10 mintues so to do 3
    miles it’s only 30..not that bad. i recommend interval training. it keeps
    ur muscles guessing :)

  22. DW01

    @TalesofCCV Intervals burn a hell of a lot more calories, it’s been proven.

  23. frassut

    try 40 mins and 3 times a week and eat 3 hrs before training… then tell
    me if it works! it shud do

  24. stripthatfatweightlo

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  25. L7D


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