CrossFit – Announcing The Ranch Big Bob Winter Challenge

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25 Responses to “CrossFit – Announcing The Ranch Big Bob Winter Challenge”

  1. Cameron Tuck

    the horse shoes on the back of khalipa’s arms would be to big for a

  2. ArCxlioN

    “jason and neal asked for the weight on the snatches to be 225″…

  3. authurunknown


  4. Mark Wallace

    In Columbus, no less.

  5. boris5707

    stpied sport

  6. Faisal Reza

    I love Katie Hogan!!!!

  7. ChampionsClub2010

    Yes. I kinda thought about that after I commented. Still with they would’ve
    given one to Michigan instead.

  8. Irishenforcer89

    Katie in them shorts made my day

  9. rlevkov

    Nobody wears shorts like Katie Hogan wears shorts

  10. erichabib70

    Katie, those shorts must be really functional.

  11. Alina Sapoiu

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    realize the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Max Muscle
    Method, you will discover how to get stronger fast.

  12. James Hobson

    Katie’s shorts are 1″ from being a bikini

  13. Endzini Noc

    My family laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Epic Max
    Muscle”, but then they saw the results. Do a search on Google for Epic Max
    Muscle to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  14. MrFornicater

    dem thighs

  15. A.J. Nystrom

    I’m a noob when it comes to Crossfit but physically speaking, would it be
    more effective to wrap your arms under the sled and push with the upper
    portion of your chest while creating thrust/ lift with your arms? I would
    think that may reduce the amount of friction, at least in the front, and
    reduce the amount of dig on the land (creating drag) and you’d be able to
    move faster.

  16. shookadance

    Katie Hogan and Sarah Hopping get me chubby.

  17. Edwin sanchez tavarez

    buena entrenamiento me gusta mucho lo realizo diario

  18. Gustavo Romano

    need crossfit in Brazil :)

  19. ChampionsClub2010


  20. Zipemova1

    Maddox or Khalipa which is the hotter of the two?

  21. Travis Heinze

    Who needs a tractor when you got these horses?

  22. PBStrength

    LMAO they turned the big bob into a plow!!!

  23. MrPhilipp501

    the guy with the long hair and the beard looks like a fu!%$ยง retard !! :D

  24. ForeverStrong86

    They asked for 225#? Freakn animals!

  25. Mark Wallace

    Rogue is in Ohio. This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.

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