CrossFit 509 Beginner Workout, Spokane, Washington

Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “CrossFit 509 Beginner Workout, Spokane, Washington”

  1. Mehmet Yıldırım

    *good video*

  2. Wings

    are those 10s or 25s?

  3. a55p

    60kg squat thrust into a military press and burpie superset… I’ve never
    done crossfit before but I find it hard to believe this is a beginner
    routine. Maybe beginner level for someone who has actually been training
    gym and has a reasonable level of strength and fitness already, or has
    already been doing other more modest entry level work for a good few weeks.

  4. bhesraj gurung

    doing this and will be going home on stretcher….

  5. Angel Cazorla Lainez

    He didnt even do a single correct burpee. It should be a 3 step movement.

  6. lgmnow kondo

    how is this a beginner workout?? Are you kidding me? Most people would be
    turned right off by starting this intense…why not start slower?

  7. Pierpaolo DalGal

    not very beginner…

  8. Diana Diamond

    the most awkward burpee ive ever seen wtf

  9. CSM Edgramor

    hearth attack end of practice ?

  10. Jake

    You don’t take a nap when you are doing burpees. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

  11. Khaizer Rism

    every work out that is mixed is basically crossfit for me…

  12. littlewelshcub

    Killer – good job!

  13. Drea Edwards

    And the plates are not medal. They are rubber. 

  14. Aileah Olds

    proud of the client but the trainer did’nt demonstrate

  15. Aitor García

    Because…… this is crossfit motherfuckers !!! hell yeah

  16. Drea Edwards

    To get to this beginner’s level you take a number of 6 Elements classes
    which prepare you to get to this point.

  17. Ryan W

    i could do this too if i take a 3 second break between every burpie. Good
    job man but you need to work on that burpie workout

  18. Karpalo Lonkero

    This workout has never even seen beginner.

  19. solo99o


  20. Charles Auta

    why does he flatten his feet when hes laying on the ground for the burpee?

  21. lalafl200


  22. Chris Morris

    burpees for begginers? and thursters? WTF!!! maybe take it a little easy
    and just do back squats with kettle bell swings or press ups! 21-15-9

  23. BeYouTifull l

    Are you kidding me?? Im gonna cancel my tryout lesson, this isn’t a
    workout, it’s a military camp!!

  24. Yannick Decottignies

    Gonna try it soon, coach motivation sucks tbh.

  25. Swim Bike Run Videos

    @Chad Corrin, I have seen that movie about 10x, great scene – Dave

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